The Big News!

If you’re truly keeping up and Reading Up with the Joneses on Facebook, you’ve already seen the big news. If not, here it is! No, we’re not adding another Jones. Keeping up with the four of us is enough, don’t you think?

We’ve opened an online jewelry boutique with Chloe + Isabel, a really gorgeous line of jewels to bedazzle your neckline (or your lady’s neckline) while reading the classics (or latest contemporary romance, which is more my speed) at the local coffee shop. Please check out our c+i shop and let us know what you think! It will always be open and available for your chapter breaks. If you’re local, I’m available for pop-up shops, a girls’ night in, or a social night. Read Up to Keep Up and look swell while doing it in your new c+i sparklies!

c+i Spring 2014 Collection

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