My May Fix: A story of mid-day paranoia, gift opening & grown-up dress up.

I remember it like it was yesterday… (mainly because it was)

There was a knock at the door. A shrill ring of the doorbell.

I stopped folding laundry (actually, I paused the movie I was laying on the bed watching with S).

Who could be at my door? What do they want with me in the middle of the day? Should I answer? No. I’ll give them a minute. Maybe they’ll go away. Maybe they won’t. Maybe it’s urgent. I’ll peek out the windows.

It’s a big, white van. Oh, hell no. I am not getting abducted today. Besides, S is asleep on the bed (okay, fine, I was watching Rio by myself) and he’s only two, so if I’m abducted, he won’t remember me.

Wait, there’s something on the side of the van. It says…


What did I order? Also, why is the van still there?

I crack open my front door. There’s a guy sitting in the van and I can’t see anyone on the porch…so I should be safe.

Sitting on my front porch bench is a brown box. With white tape. Also with writing. It says…


Wooo hoooo!!!!

Paranoia evaporates. I snatch the box, run to the kitchen, grab the scissors (because I’m lame and do not own a box cutter), grab the camera and delve into my Merry Christmas to Me in May box. Well, that’s what I call it anyway.

So, here it is. Let’s check it out.

Stitch Fix Envelope

Remember Margaret, my stylist from last month? I sort of had a stylist crush on her. Over the past month, I’ve often thought of dear Margaret…wondering if she was again tapping her chin with her #2 pencil as she found the best pieces for me. I was really looking forward to opening my personal note from my personal stylist. I tore into the note to see what dear Margaret had to say about me…

Welcome Note from Kara

…and got a note from Kara instead. This makes me kind of sad, I have to admit. I was really loving Margaret. I have no idea what Kara may look like. I can’t even imagine her. *sniff*

It was okay though, because Kara, this stylist who has obviously taken over for Margaret because she’s at home with a cold (probably sipping on chicken noodle soup and wishing she were writing a note to me instead), didn’t do a half bad job.

Actually, she sent some pretty great pieces.

Outfit Suggestions

These outfit suggestions are right up my alley! I was super excited to see two cardigans, sandals, and skinny pants on the list, since that’s pretty much my wardrobe (when I’m not in yoga pants, that is).

Here’s my box upon opening and ripping away the tissue (I couldn’t wait…sorry. No pic of the pretty tissue wrapping).

Open Box

THE EARRINGS! I happen to adore jewelry. (So much so, that you should all keep tabs on the Joneses for a super cool jewelry-themed announcement coming very soon.) These tribal earrings had the best colors from my entire wardrobe, so I’ll basically be able to wear them with anything. Yellow, gray crystals (LOVE), turquoise, opal and a few smaller diamondesque rhinestones. With gold tones. Ahhh…I die. If nothing else, these are staying with me.


Here’s the rest of the fix:

1) Navy Blue & White striped open cardigan

2) Coral Skinny Jeans

3) Powder Blue Crochet tank

4) Coral & Tribal polyester tank

5) Tribal earrings

On first glance, I loved it all. I would’ve picked it all up in a store (except that with Stitch Fix, I don’t have to! It comes right to my door)!

Not being able to resist any longer, I decide to play dress up. S, after all, was sound asleep and I had an hour until time to go pick up W from school.

My thoughts.

1) Cardigan. Love, love, love. I have nothing bad to say about this cardigan. It has 3/4 length sleeves, the cotton was open and airy and will be perfect through the summer and into fall. This will be a staple in my closet.


2) Skinny Jeans. These were super soft. They were made with some type of fabric that’s supposed to dry quickly and be antimicrobial and all sorts of other things that I never really consider when I’m buying jeans. The color, although pretty, didn’t look good on me. They were same size as my Kensie jeans from last month, but felt a little too snug. Also, I kind of had a muffin-top with them on, and since I bust my booty in Pilates 3 times a week, this did not boost my ego. Maybe a size up would’ve been better.


3) Crochet Tank. This was Stitch Fix’s second attempt to get me into a crochet tank. I do love them. The look of them is just makes me think of frilly, girly things and I kind of love that. I was really excited when I picked this one out of the box. The mistakes from last month’s tank were both corrected with this one. The crochet work went all the way around. It wasn’t sheer. The cotton layer beneath the crochet was so soft and silky. I loved it…and then I put it on. With a zipper on the side, it had a nice structure. My boobs didn’t agree with it though. It gapped quite a bit around the arm holes, and overall, it made me look really broad. Not my favorite and for around $58, it’s fate…


length shot

4) Coral tank. Loved it. It’s light and blousey, but not sheer. The tribal V’s on the front give me a more vertical look. Best part, it’s a racerback. The bras I wear most often are racerback to accommodate my sloping shoulders (which I love, so I’m not changing those babies). This one is definitely…


5) Tribal earrings.


I popped the two pieces I didn’t love right into the pre-paid mailing envelope that was in the box and dropped them at the post this morning. Hopped online, gave a quick review of all of the items and scheduled my Fix for next month. Merry Christmas to Me in April. Can’t wait!

Now, you need a fix. I can tell. You’re salivating over how much you want this monthly gift to yourself. It’s really simple. Check out Stitch Fix and let me know what you think : )

Need another reason to get a fix?

*Less time shopping = More time reading.

Stitch Fix Logo

There. See? I am awesome.


Here’s my link to get you over to Stitch Fix so you can have some cool new duds sent to your house, too.

Thanks for checking out my second fix! Keep reading up with the Joneses and come back this weekend for that big ole jewelry-themed announcement, plus a book anticipation post about some really fabulous books coming out next week that I cannot wait to read! Read Up!