We often have requests from authors and publishers to review books. If you have something you’d like for the Joneses to read, please contact us here. Please know that we offer completely honest reviews of anything we read, but will not book-bash. We just think it’s trashy to do so and, well, the Joneses like to keep things classy. Our current turnaround time for reviews is about six to eight weeks. If you need something sooner, just leave a note expressing this.

We currently have four book reviewers in the Jones family.

Jenna and Caroline review middle grades, YA, NA, coming-of-age, contemporary, romance and fantasy/paranormal fiction.

Mr. J reviews anything techie.

W reviews children’s books appropriate for ages 4-8 when she reads them by herself, and for books and series suitable for a wider range of ages when they are read aloud to her.

S is a book lover too, but he is still stuck on “Goodnight, Moon” after 2 years of technicolor madness.

For any review requests, please send a note below and Jenna will respond on the double.

Because our lives are quite crazy, ARC’s in bound format are more likely to be read over digital formats. Out of sight, out of mind, you know?

If you’d like to send book swag, we’ll love you more ; ) Swag will not, however, influence our review of your book. We like to be honest around here.

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them...

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