Book Review: Zac & Mia by A.J. Betts

It’s The Fault in our Stars for those of us who don’t want to read (right now) The Fault in our Stars.

It’s Eleanor and Park for those of you who haven’t been introduced to the fabness (I totally made that word up) that is Rainbow Rowell.

It’s cancer, teenage angst, and a friendship that would’ve never happened otherwise and it’s pretty great.

Set in Australia (bonus points for letting me read with an accent!) and flitting between the cancer ward, where Zac and Mia meet with a very unwelcome 18 repeats of Lady Gaga, to the family olive farm and petting zoo (think Sweet Grass Dairy or anywhere else on the Farm Tour for New Leaf Market), this novel is one of friendship and caring under terrible circumstances. It isn’t romantic, in the common sense of the word, but rather a deep, caring relationship between characters who have an understanding of what each other is going through.

I really enjoyed the book. I’ve also already cast the movie:


Dena Kaplan (played Abigail on Dance Academy) for Mia and

Tom Green (played Sammy Lieberman on Dance Academy) for Zac

Obviously, Dance Academy is the only Australian show I’ve ever watched, but I think they’d be perfect for the roles.

So, there it is! Go out and pre-order today (comes out September 2nd) and grab this book from The Bookshelf  downtown Tville or pre-order online, preferably through our Amazon Book Store (link on the right) so I get a little kickback : )

Do you like reading books with themes of terminal illness or terrible circumstances? It’s kind of new to me…what are your favorites?

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‘The Giver’ or Why We Should Give B2F Adaptations a Chance

The Giver

Let’s put aside for a moment the fact that there were some MAJOR differences between The Giver book and film.

Let’s accept, just for the moment, that every single book-to-film adaptation is going to have some discrepancies for the sake of condensing the storyline, plot, etc. to fit into 190 minutes.

Now, let’s consider this weekend’s release of the b2f adaptation of The Giver. And the feels. Oh. My. Goodness. It was amazing. And…Gabe, I love you.

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Bookish Fashion: Summer Reading “Everything Leads To You”

Bookish Fashion: Summer Reading "Everything Leads To You"
A favorite of mine from this summer, this look is all vintage, romantic Hollywood. T-strap flats for a nod to the stage, a turquoise ring to the great Westerns, lovely flutters and tones, and green and gold to finish the look. Of course, we can’t forget the pivotal green velvet couch. This book has inspired quite a few looks for me this summer! What’s been your favorite book this summer?

Seascape Statement Ring

Le Rococo Clip-On Earrings NOW ON SALE FOR JUST $14!

Bookish Fashion: City of Heavenly Fire

Bookish Fashion: City of Heavenly Fire
Now, I know that there isn’t a ball at Alicante in CoHF, but I just couldn’t resist this dress and it made me think of Clary’s dream of dancing with Jace in Alicante. Of course, any good Shadowhunter would never leave without a sword, so I’ve given Clary a gold-plated misericorde, ivory flats (because only Izzy can fight in heels), a golden bracelet (a sword, actually, a nod to Izzy’s whip bracelet), and a necklace made of gold wings. As you’re reading through CoHF, though, you’ll want to wear the black outfit, a nod to Clary’s Shadowhunter gear. The YSL jacket and pants, calf-high boots and sword ring are just right. The sword is optional ; )
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A Twilight Post that you Absolutely Must Read. Even if you don’t like Twilight.

Twilight Book Cover

You must. You really, absolutely must read this post over on Cuddlebuggery!

5 Reasons Why Twilight Isn’t Completely Awful

I know that so many of you hate the Twilight series, but it really did get a lot of people (me included) back into reading, and especially back into the YA and later NA genres.

Did I read the books? Yes. Multiple times actually.

Did I think “Renesmee” was the WORST. NAME. EVER. chosen for a character? Why, yes. Yes, I did.

Am I glad that my best book pal Brandi told me everything that would happen (and even that Breaking Dawn was AWFUL) before I picked up the first book? Yes. Yes, I am.

Is it my favorite series ever in the entire world? Not even close.

If you agree with any of the above q & a, then head over to Cuddlebuggery and read this awesome post,

5 Reasons Why Twilight Isn’t Completely Awful.

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Good Morning Gold bedroom design

Good Morning Gold bedroom design
This is for the Sleeping Beauty (or Evil Queen) in you. Whichever. We all need a little pick-me-up in the morning.

Grey rug

Wall mirror

Paris home decor
$2.56 –

Casamania painted furniture
$650 –

Kartell accent chair
$325 –

French furniture

Bookish Fashion: Summer Reading ‘Sinner’

Summer Reading: Sinner
For this installment of Summer Reading inspired fashion, we’ll look to Sinner’s Isabel Culpepper (also from the Shiver Trilogy aka the Wolves of Mercy Falls). She’s a badass, depressed, scared-to-fall-in-love woman with nothing but bitchy intimidation written all over her face. And she’s pretty amazing. With plans to become a doctor (ulterior motive: save the wolves/werewolves), Isabel parades the facade of the being a woman with no emotions, but really, she’s bothered by a lot. Her feelings for Cole, lead singer of Narkotika (also, wolf), her rocky relationship with her parents, nursing school, and even her younger cousin Sophia. Isabel is the girl on the street who kills you with her look alone. No words or other weapons needed.

Bookish Fashion: Summer Reading TFIOS

Bookish Fashion: Summer Reading TFIOS
For this installment of Summer Reading inspired fashion, we’ll look at an outfit just right for trying to lighten your mood after reading the world’s most depressing book to date, The Fault in our Stars. No, you’ll never know happiness again once you put this book down, but these super cute chambray Chucks with white skinny jeans will make it somewhat better.  A cute bracelet combo with a quote from the book plus one to match the cover, and a TFIOS tank, a la easy, really rock out your Bookish Nerd side and a simple feather necklace (let’s skip the infinity necklaces, shall we? A little much…) with a tan moto jacket make it great for the transition from summer to fall…or when the tears just start falling when thoughts of Augustus Waters come to mind. Okay? Okay.

Star tank top

Chloé blue bracelet

Pop of Floral feat. Chloe + Isabel

Pop of Floral feat. Chloe + Isabel