Decatur Book Festival: Day 2

Out final day at DBF was quite busy, but we made it to all the authors on our list. We had a good bit of morning to fill before the festival began, so we stopped by our cousin’s restaurant, Highland Bakery, for a fantastic breakfast. If you’ve never been to HB, definitely try it out. I highly suggest the Fried Chicken Benedict. You won’t regret it!

After breakfast, we headed up to Decatur and got a great parking spot (which we later forgot and walked an extra four miles at the end of the day to find…) near the Children’s Stage. W wanted her face painted yesterday, so we went there first (still had to wait for-freakin’-ever) so she could fulfill this dream. She got an arm tatt like her Uncle Hal. He’s such a great influence…

Unicorn Rainbow Tattoo for W

After the tattoo experience, we waited at the Children’s Stage for the anti-climatic Wizard of Oz parade and then tried our best to sit through the Wizard of Oz performance. We didn’t make it. We couldn’t hear it at all and there were five point two million small children there also trying to watch. We left to walk around for a bit and explore the tents. Here’s what we found:

1) A giant sock puppet

2) A marionette that we weren’t sure was a horse or a camel. We were later told it was a horse named Camel.

3) A performance company based in Atlanta solely performing Celtic works (so, naturally, I signed up)

4) The cooking stage, which Mom was excited about, but then bummed because, again, we couldn’t hear anything.

5) The Atlanta Ballet

6) A little W that needed to take a creative break

7) A bunch of very large Waldos. Why aren’t they this big for our local search?!


A few hours later, we were back on schedule. Authors galore! Woo hoo! 

For me: Mary E. Pearson (Kiss of Deception), Leigh Bardugo (The Grisha Trilogy), Katherine Howe (Conversion), Emmy Laybourne (Monument 14 trilogy),and Vicky Alvear Shecter (Curses and Smoke)

For W: her very favorite, Eric Litwin (the first 4 Pete the Cat books and now, The Nut Family: Bedtime at the Nut House) and Tony DiTerlizzi (WondLa series and Kenny and the Dragon)


W loves Eric Litwin! He visited her school last year and absolutely stole her heart. We’ve been singing Four Groovy Buttons forever and ever amen at our house. He lives near my brother’s Glenwood Park coffee shop, Drip, and is a very regular customer. He told W that her Uncle Hal has the best coffee in the world! 

That’s a wrap for the Decatur Book Festival 2014, but tomorrow, that Big Books bag you’ve seen in the photos is going to be given away on Instagram! Be sure to follow ReadingUpWiththeJoneses for your chance to win it! 

W leaving with a bag full of books!

Speaking of the bag, it’s also signed by an emerging author that I met while sitting in line waiting for Leigh Bardugo. She was a new mom with a darling little baby boy. We waited a long time beside each other and, as is custom, struck up a conversation about, what else? Books. She asked if I’d read either of the books that were being signed. I had not. I told her I’d gotten ARC’s of both, though, but since I get so many, I just didn’t have time to read a lot of them. Then she revealed that she, herself, was an author and had a book released earlier this year. How cool, I thought. Naturally, I asked what her book was titled. And, naturally, it was one of the ARC’s I’d received and…not read. So, then I felt like the world’s worst blogger. Ever. But she was really, really nice about it and now, of course, I need to dig up that ARC and read it! Better yet, I should just buy the book so she gets a cut of it ; ) Here’s her book so you can check it out, too. I promised I’d give her a shoutout! Check out 17 First Kisses by Rachael Allen.

17 First Kisses by Rachael Allen

I hope you enjoyed following us around DBF 2014! What was your favorite part? Are you looking forward to winning that Big Books bag? I sure hope so! 

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