Bookish Fashion: City of Heavenly Fire

Bookish Fashion: City of Heavenly Fire
Now, I know that there isn’t a ball at Alicante in CoHF, but I just couldn’t resist this dress and it made me think of Clary’s dream of dancing with Jace in Alicante. Of course, any good Shadowhunter would never leave without a sword, so I’ve given Clary a gold-plated misericorde, ivory flats (because only Izzy can fight in heels), a golden bracelet (a sword, actually, a nod to Izzy’s whip bracelet), and a necklace made of gold wings. As you’re reading through CoHF, though, you’ll want to wear the black outfit, a nod to Clary’s Shadowhunter gear. The YSL jacket and pants, calf-high boots and sword ring are just right. The sword is optional ; )
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