I wasn’t kidding about the Week of Silence thing or Why I will not like you anymore if you post Spoilers for a huge, massively important book.

I really wasn’t. The Shadowhunters Week of Silence was foh real, ya’ll.

So much so that I am extending it for a few more days. You see, I had this thing called “theatre week” in which I thought I would be able to knock out CoHF in no time. I was wrong. In fact, I’ve barely gotten into the book. As such, I am having to avoid Twitter, Instagram and most of the extended blogosphere (because people just cannot keep their traps shut!). Sometimes I welcome spoilers (when I’m trying to decide whether or not to read a book). In this case however, the book can’t be bad and it’s a gigantour finale to a series that I absolutely adore. So, if you ruin it for me by POSTING A SPOILER REVIEW 5 HOURS AFTER THE BOOK IS RELEASED when I know you didn’t really read it but only skimmed it and didn’t read an ARC because they weren’t available to bloggers, I will send evil south Georgia summer death gnats to your home. I am not kidding.

For my few loyal readers, please, miss me. Miss me a lot in the next few days.

In the meantime, while you’re missing me and my wonderful posts, I’m going to finish CoHF, finish writing my review for the two books I read previously and then update you on all the reasons why I pretty much am not happy with summer (hint: no school).

Also in the meantime, you should be Reading Up!

I’ll be back soon, I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die (but not really…because I’m not 100% sure that my husband could raise the kids by himself…love you, Mr. J).

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