The Carrots Classic Book Club


My good friend, Haley, over at Carrots for Michaelmas, has started a book club!

She and I are both avid readers and now not only love reading for ourselves, but also with our kiddos.

I have a memory from years, years, years ago when she was just discovering Harry Potter for the first time (it was when Harry Potter had just come out). I think she’d gotten it from her older brother. We were sitting around in the lobby of our ballet school, most of the girls gossiping and chatting. Haley was sitting in the corner with a big book in her hands when she looked up and interrupted everyone to say, “Have you guys heard of Harry Potter?! These are really good!” We all just sort of glanced around, let Haley go back to reading, and eventually, we got back into our conversations of whether ballet boys were better than football boys (I think soccer boys actually won this competition…). Little does Haley know, though, that I went out and got Harry Potter within the week. So, Haley, thanks for that.

She’s a fabulous Catholic mama who has a phenomenal blog on her feats of raising three kids under age 5. Her new book club, The Carrots Classic Book Club, looks like a lot of fun, if you enjoy the classics. Link up with Haley here and grab your copy of Brideshead Revisited.

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