Book Anticipation: City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

City of Heavenly Fire

Let me start by saying that I am not just anticipating this book. I am drooling in anticipation. I am planning a binge read for May 27th. I want to hire a babysitter to take my kids for the day so that I can do nothing but live in the world of the Shadowhunters for a day. I might even want to be a Shadowhunter more than a Narnian. I know. This is saying a lot.

I LOVE this series. If you haven’t read any of these and don’t want any spoilers whatsoever, STOP READING NOW! Because I have some serious heat to discuss concerning the topics of The Mortal Instruments (TMI…which at some points it really is almost tmi) and The Infernal Devices (ID).

Now, with that said, let me add that I almost…ALMOST stopped reading it after City of Ashes because I just couldn’t handle the “we ‘might’ be in an incestual relationship, but whatever…let’s just run away together and make out and feel each other up in a random field; no one will know!”Thankfully, THAT, got resolved (though not before the making out part…major questionable moral behavior).

Then, again at the end of City of Lost Souls when Sebastian is STILL lusting over Clary (after he also made out with her…in a field…in an earlier installment. In Clary’s defense, she had no idea he was her actual brother) and I’m just like…duuuude. Stop. She’s your ACTUAL SISTER! But he’s still all, “our bloodlines will create the most powerful blah, blah, blah…” Oh. My. Raziel. Stop it.

I was actually drawn to the ID books first, and I’m glad I started with them over TMI. Eventually, I got to where I was reading them as they were released, which meant I was bouncing back and forth. I didn’t mind though, since the crossovers of the immortal characters made more sense to both story lines. I love the steampunk aspect of ID and even with the formalities of the time, I was lusting over Will and just begging for him to get over his sh*t and be with Tess. And then the whole Jem proposal and Will just being polite and stepping back. And then Jem on the brink of death and choosing to become a Silent Brother just for the possibility of having a future with Tess… And then Tess marrying Will and having kids and more kids and grandkids and not aging and then Will DYING!!! And then….***short gasps of breath are ensuing***

Tess and Jem meeting on the bridge while she’s wearing an original Liberty scarf and Jem shows up as Jem and not as a Silent Brother?! Dirty. Crying. Like, to the tune of The Book Thief dirty crying. Snotty, moaning, nastiness. It was bad, ya’ll.

Now, I have a really good/bad talent of figuring out plots really quickly. Movies, books, TV shows…I can tell you pretty much what’s going to happen within 5 minutes. My husband hates this. I’m always right. These series were no different. I figured them out pretty quickly, but I loved them regardless. While reading TMI, I knew pretty early on that either Will or Jem was Brother Zachariah. I also knew that Clary and Jace couldn’t actually be siblings. For this series to continue, this couldn’t happen. There was too much sexual tension for this story line to progress much further. I didn’t really see the whole Sebastian story line coming though, and I have to admit that the end of the last book was a little too fast paced for me. Not too bad, though, and I’m really, really, REALLY excited about City of Heavenly Fire to find out what happens next!!!!

Jace & Clary (City of Fallen Angels)

While you’re swooning just thinking about this series, head over to Goodreads to enjoy these quotes from City of Heavenly Fire (out May 27), from Cassandra Clare.

Things I can’t wait to find out:

  1. Who’s going to die? I have my list of probabilities, but I’m not sure. I obviously haven’t read an ARC of this, so I really don’t know.
  2. What happens with Magnus and Alec’s breakup? Ugh. This drives me insane. Please. Can we please put the cute couple back together? I can’t handle this breakup.
  3. Isabelle and Simon. Must. Be. Together. Like, actually together, together. Not this dizzying dance of push/pull/love/hate/makeout/fight thing that’s been happening. Izzy. Get it together. Simon is awesome.
  4. Can Jace and Clary FINALLY just be together? Without the world trying to cut them down? Please? I’m begging at this point. I NEED these two to be together. And I need some damn good feels scenes to go with it. I was so thankful for the club scene in City of Lost Souls just for the sheer release of some of that pent up sexual tension and even more excited to come across this DSCS (Dirty Sexy Club Scene) expanded version (you’re welcome, readers). Please Cassie Clare. Don’t disappoint me. Or I will cut you off like I did Veronica Roth when she killed Tris. Okay, not that bad since you’ve got plenty of other good books in the series ahead of this one, and the bridge scene gave you tons of feels cred. But still. Beware.

What are you most looking forward to in CoHF? Have you pre-ordered it? If not, go ahead and get that done in the Jones’ Book Store or stop by the Bookshelf in downtown Tville to order a copy (like I have).

I’m also really looking forward to all of the short novellas that Cassandra Clare and her writing partners are planning to add to this world in the form of The Bane Chronicles. There are 10 planned so far. Some are already out, but I’m waiting for them all so I can read them back to back as “Magnus’ Book.” You can order those already released or pre-order those that aren’t from the Jones’ Book Store.

Can’t wait for May 27th! I’d love to hear your love/hate and other comments, so please share and don’t forget to Read Up!




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