Book Anticipation: 3 Reads that are Sure to Deliver…Today!

Three. That is the magic number of amazing books that are being released today that you absolutely MUST read.

The catch?

They’re all companions or series finishers…which means that you have a bit of pre-reading to do before you get to these.

If you’re like me, though, you’ve already read them (some more than once) and have been anticipating these for months.

Here they are, along with links to their companions so you can complete the series and thereby complete your soul for reading these books.

First in the Amazing Book Release Line Up:

Breakable by Tammara Weber

Breakable (companion to Easy) by Tammara Webber

I don’t even have to read this book to know that it is AH-MAZING! Tammara Webber is a fantastic writer. Not just the story, but the technique, the flow, the beauty of writing.

If you haven’t read the first book, Easy, you must. I don’t care what genre you usually read, you must read this book. If you have a girl in your circle of friends either in college or heading off to college soon, this is a must-read for her too. Today’s release, Breakable, is from the guy’s POV, so if you have a guy in your life, he must read this one.

What’s it about you ask?


Yep. You read it right. The first time I read Easy (yes, I’ve read it probably eight times now), I was so caught off guard. It came as a recommendation after reading Beautiful Disaster, a new adult romance set on a college campus. I thought I was getting into the same thing, and on one level, I was.

Easy and the companion (read: not sequel), Breakable, are set on a college campus. It’s the story of Jacqueline, a pretty girl, and Lucas, an emo guy, and how they meet…which, oddly enough for a meeting, is when J is leaving a college party and has an encounter with a guy she knows. He’s drunk, he attacks her, Lucas saves her. This may sound unusual, but Lucas has a deep backstory. It puts him in just the right place at just the right time. I’m so excited to read the story from his point of view in Breakable! I actually learned a lot about rape, rape culture, and rape prevention from reading Easy. It has a powerful message for girls. This is a book that my daughter will certainly read when she’s old enough.

Because it’s under the new adult category, there are some pretty descriptive sex scenes. They are not dirty or nastily written, and are in fact, quite important to the story, both for Jacqueline and Lucas. If you do not like reading any adult scenes at all, then you can put these aside, but if you appreciate a few good scenes where they are appropriate (and not the entirety of a book), then I think you’ll like these.

I have absolutely no doubt that I will love Breakable. Let me know in the comments if you’ve read Easy! Did you love it?

Second on the list:

The One by Kiera Cass


The One (The Selection trilogy finale) by Kiera Cass

This is a much anticipated season finale (or we think it’s the finale) for a series with an odd, but interesting premise. A friend of mine sent the first two to me, mainly because there are pretty dresses on the cover and we both appreciate pretty ball gowns. Best of all, these gowns actually have something to do with the book! Doesn’t it suck when you find a pretty cover just to realize it actually has nothing to do with the book? Gag.

So, sit down and don’t run away as I tell you the premise…

Dystopian. check.

Lottery system to be put into a competition for the New Kingdom. check.

Reality TV Beauty Pageant. check…wait, what?


Basically, it’s The Bachelor meets Legend by Marie Lu.

Stop! Don’t run away! It’s actually not that bad. Now, the main character made me want to strangle her…a lot. She’s ridiculous. But whoever said we actually have to sympathize with the lead? I will admit that the story has a lot of holes. The writing could be better. The characters could be more lovable. However, after forcing my way through the first two, I have to find out if she actually wins…and what happens with the prince! Eeep!

This book sort of borders on Young Adult/New Adult. There are no intense sexual scenes, but these occasions are not completely missing.

I’ll recommend this one if you think you might find the premise interesting. If not, leave it alone.

Last for today, but certainly not least:

Rush Too Far by Abbi Glines

Rush Too Far (Rush book 3; Abbi Glines Rosemary Beach Series)

Do you have a Rush Crush?

I do! Well, actually, I kind of like Grant a little more, but that’s beside the point.

I somehow stumbled across Abbi Glines a long, long while back and she’s been my guilty pleasure ever since.

I started with The Vincent Boys series and then the Sea Breeze series and on into the Rosemary Beach series.

Rush Too Far is the third Rush Book, but these are tied into the Rosemary Beach books.

Let me stop here and say that Abbi Glines is pretty much the definition of the New Adult genre. If you aren’t into NA contemporary romance and aren’t okay with sex scenes: RUN! RUN FAR FAR AWAY!

If you’re a-okay with this and thought Fifty Shades of Grey was pretty decent (not considering the questionable writing, stolen story line, etc.), then girlfriend, keep on reading because you are going to fall in love with Abbi Glines and all of her men. My only problem, especially with the RB series, is that she’s really describing PC Beach, not the actual beauty and glory of the real Rosemary Beach (since that’s where the Jones’ spend the summer). Kind of annoying. I’ll let it slide though since she write feels scenes so well.

Now, the Rush story line is pretty much complete. We see a bit more of his family’s new life together in the other Rosemary Beach novels. This new release, Rush Too Far, is the original Rush story, but from his POV. So excited!

Get ready to get a glass of wine and get comfortable, ladies, this one is going to be good.

Because I’ve been highly anticipating these books, my current read, Everything Leads to You, will be put on hold. These are just that important!

You can purchase these books today through the Jones’ Book Store or check them at out at your local bookshop. If you’re in the Thomasville area, head over to The Bookshelf to see if they’ve gotten them in. Now the only problem to to pick one to read first! Enjoy and Read Up!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links where you can purchase through the book store. You can also order anything else you can dream of through these links so, check it out!

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