New Release Wrap-Up: Top 20 April Books that You’ll Want to Read

April was a great book release month for YA readers. Here’s my top 20 recommendations for your TBR list:

On this list, we have:

The Book I’m going to pick up from The Bookshelf in about 5 minutes…

Books to read at the beach when the kids are running around and you’re needing to live vicariously through young, single people:

Books to read to pretend we’re professional dancers:

Books to will read when you want to pretend you are more than a mere mortal:

Book to read to restore faith in the next generation learning something from their mistakes:

Book to will read to scare the bejeezus out of yourself:

Book I will read while I’m in theatre week and pulling my hair out over The Wizard of Oz production (this is not intended toward our own Dorothy…just Oz in general : )

Books to read to love and share with the kiddos when they’re avid middle grades readers (which, honestly, I think is one of the best genres…more on that later):

Book to will read to cry yourself to sleep:

Books that are oddballs, but have a lot of hype and good reviews, so they’re on my TBR list…and since you’re goal in life is to Read Up with the Joneses, they should also be on yours:

So there you have it! My TBR April list (yes, I’ve already read Dreams of Gods and Monsters, but I will reread it, so back on the list it goes!)

Here’s an extended list from Goodreads with a few more you may like…you know…in case you do actually read more than we do in the Jones homestead. Check them out and purchase a few for your bookshelf. Either visit The Bookshelf, downtown Thomasville or purchase through the Jones’ Book Shop (so we get credit through our affiliate link and can keep up the site that you’ve all come to know and love) and keep Reading Up with the Joneses!



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