Southern Glamour or Why You Should Get Married in Thomasville

Ya’ll…it felt weird typing that.

I promised I’d post about the wedding event of the year (or, production week for me) that I was privy to a few weekends ago, so, before I forget, here it is. I’ll keep it short, simple and of course, sweet as Georgia sweet tea.

Bride: the one and only, Emily Loftiss (whose “friends” call her Loftiss, which I am apparently not one of because she’s always been and will always be “Emily” to me…sorry Emily…name your first-born Loftiss and maybe I’ll catch on) If you don’t know her personally, you may know her as the fashion blogger du jour at I’ve mentioned her before, only because it’s the only fashion blog I subscribe to because, let’s face it…I am not fashionable. Her dress, which she designed herself was the epitome of glamour.

Groom: Jay Carlington, Mr. Handsome and oh-so-perfect for Emily (who I’ve only met a handful of times prior to the wedding…the first being at a field party or concert or something on the night one of our dogs ran away and terrorized a neighbor and I was probably really bitchy…more so than normal…so, Jay, if you’re reading, I’m sorry that you probably hated me the first time we met)

Wedding Venue: Thomasville First United Methodist Church (Since I was managing logistics of the reception, I didn’t get to go to the ceremony…sad face…)

Reception Venue: Pebble Hill Plantation (I’ve been obsessed with this place for years. Long before I met Jason, though by some alignment of the stars, we ended up there on our very first accidental date. We also married there…10 years ago!)

Colors: Peach, Masters (as in golf tournament) Green (So….I’m just going to throw this out there…Jay, you do realize that you’re NEVER going to go the the Masters in Augusta ever again? Your anniversary trip…which you know you will be taking…will screw those plans from here till death does you part…unless the Masters are on a different weekend every year, in which case, disregard what I just said. I know nothing about golf. I do, however, know about having a screwy anniversary…since I was the brilliant one to get married the day before Halloween and then seven years later give birth to a child on the very same date. Brilliance)

My Part in the Party: Reception Director/Cocktail-to-Reception Logistics Coordinator/Production Manager/Golf Cart Driver/Guest Chauffeur/Set Decorator/House Manager/Stage Manager…just pick one. Whatever I did, it was fun. I moved a lot of antique furniture, shed blood, sweat and tears (I do not lie), got an awesome sunburn (which, ironically, Emily gave me sunscreen the night before at the rehearsal dinner…) and had a fantastic time. Getting to wear a pretty dress, dance the night away and then breakdown and load out is pretty much what my husband and I do for every production! Well, I wear the dress…he wears a tux and an awesome bow tie ; )

The Guests: All of their friends from NYC and LA. Being the small-town southern gal (I don’t ever actually use that word, btw), I didn’t know any of them. Well, Becca Tobin was there (Kitty on Glee), but I figured fangirling out on someone at a wedding would probably be frowned upon, considering our genteel southern manners. Also…I haven’t watched the last 6 episodes of Glee, so that would probably not be cool. What if her character had been killed off or something? Yikes. Talk about an awkward conversation. I did get to catch up with an old friend from my dancing days, though. Shout out Katie Lumpkin!!!

The Food: “southern” food that I actually try to avoid because it’s everywhere. Chicken strips, grits, salad (a good harvest salad, not the classic southern chef’s), biscuits (the Biscuit Bar was quite cute, if I must say so), banana pudding, peach cobbler, lemon squares and carrot cake groom’s cake (photo at the top, which Kyler at Sweetpeach Cakes baked and I decorated…what do you think?).

Best part about the entire thing: PHOTO BOOTH!!! Ya’ll (I promise to never type this word again after this post), I LIVE for photo booths. Love, love, love. I’m the annoying person that drags everyone over and pre plans poses.

Now, I could link to a bunch of “southern” themed books, but I won’t. I’ll let you dig around for those yourself. In the meantime, if you’re ever in TVegas, make sure to schedule a stop at Pebble Hill, especially if you’re a horse person. The entire main house is equestrian themed (think custom-built ribbon closets, a room dedicated to stirrups from around the world, you get the picture) since Miss Pansy, the last owner, was more horse crazy (with the money to go with it) than most of us combined. Check out the awesome shot of her jumping!

Miss Pansy riding.

Miss Pansy riding.

Hope you enjoyed this peak into the ritzy lift…which, apparently, is just like our normal lives. With more photos. And make-up. And camera-ready poses. Read Up!

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