My Own Copy by Charlotte Cundiff

W loves to bring home her Scholastic order form each month and the Book Fair is the most anticipated event of the year. The review below is written by a fourth grader, Charlotte Cundiff. Isn’t it fantastic that our kids are being taught to read critically? Love.

Keep Reading up with the Joneses! Enjoy!

Nerdy Book Club

Last week when I handed out the Scholastic order forms to my fourth grade class for the month, I noticed Charlotte’s wide smile as her eyes lingered over one of the pages.

“See something you’re interested in?” I asked. Charlotte is an avid reader with a strong sense of her own reading preferences.

“I already know what I’m going to order,” she said with a satisfied sigh.  “Eight Keys.”

Thinking back to some of our reading conferences, I wondered aloud, “But you already read that.”

“Yes, but I just have to have my own copy!”

Smiling to myself, thinking this is one of the highest compliments you can pay a book, I suggested, “Well, you definitely need to write a review for that book, then.”

eight keys

Eight Keys

By Suzanne LaFleur

Reviewed by Charlotte

Unlock, unlock, unlock, unlock…

There were eight locked doors upstairs in the barn. Eight of…

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