Real Book Challenge

Real Book Challenge

I’ll admit it…I read 90% of my books on either my Kindle or Nook app on my phone.

I was a book snob for the longest and would only read “real books,” but once I started reading a book a day, it just got way too expensive of a habit to keep up. I’m fairly certain a drug habit would’ve been cheaper…maybe. Anyway, I begrudgingly made the switch to ebooks about 2 years ago and my number of books skyrocketed. At first, it was a cheaper alternative, but now it’s gotten to the point that nook books or kindle versions are MORE EXPENSIVE than hardcovers! How is this possible?

Recently, I’ve gotten a little more time to shop my local downtown where we have a lovely local bookstore, The Bookshelf. If I ever have a few minutes in between picking kids up from school, I run in and browse…and usually walk out with something.

My book purchases have been limited primarily to hardcovers that were read and loved on either nook or kindle. Then, said book takes up residence in my library, usually without the cover even being cracked open.

This, my dear friends, is pretty sad. Sad because I am limiting income to my local bookstore and my community. Sad because I fly through books on my electronic device thinking only about the words being read, getting used to highlighting quotes and immediately looking up words to which I don’t know the meanings (steampunk novels, anyone?!), bookmarking with the touch of a screen, and seeing only changing covers as they alter in my electronic library. Sad because I miss the thickness of a book in my hands, the heavy weight of a hardcover, the texture of the jacket, the smell of the words on the page. All things that I used to adore about “actual” books; the things that I just knew I’d miss if I ever made the transition over to ebooks.

Now that I’m reading primarily ARC’s that are sent at no cost (to me), I’m going to accept this challenge to read more “real” bound books. I’m going to take it one step further though. I’m going to spend more of my money on beautifully hardbound books from The Bookshelf in beautiful downtown Thomasville. I’m going to fall in love all over again with the smell of ink and the feel of the pages beneath my fingers and the feeling of accomplishment as the thickness of the stacked pages moves from my right hand to my left.

Now, being a mom, I can’t read ALL the time, plus my TBR list is crazy long, so I’m going to accept the 1st level of this challenge:

Level 1: 1-10 books for the Real Book Newbie

Ladies and gentlemen of the congregation, I’m going to be a born-again bound book reader!


If you’d like to accept the challenge too, head over to Swoony Boys Podcast or click the link-up below. (Plus side, you can keep up with their posts about the gloriously swoon-worthy boys from our most recent reads.)

Real Book Challenge on Swoony Boys Podcast and Fiction Fare
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