My first Fix: Stitch Fix arrives at my front door!

You know that ugly thing called peer pressure that teachers told us to ignore in grammar school?

Guess what. That mess does not go away. Oh no. In fact, instead of disappearing, it continues to make us do things that our peers are doing…like sign up for Stitch Fix.

Peer Pressure #1: Blogger (and dancer/teacher) friend, Haley, over at Carrots for Michaelmas, mentioned it a few weeks ago. Debating whether or not she should sign up…

Peer Pressure #2: College friend posted pic of her first Fix.

Peer Pressure #3: None…two was all it took. I’m so weak!

Suffice to say that after all that peer pressure, I headed over to to see what the fuss was all about. Clothes! Picked out just for me! And sent right to my door! In my size! How in the world could I resist this? I. Could. Not.

Stitch Fix Logo

I signed up, filled out my profile, answered a few questions about what I like, what I don’t like, chose pics of outfits I would love to wear and notated those I would certainly walk away from. A stylish in Fashionland (probably a computer, but I’m going to use my imagination…her name is Margaret and she has dark wavy hair, is tall, curvy and feels sorry for me for being short and having a long torso) picked out a few things and sent them my way with a sweet note (probably also a form letter, but this is my imagination, not yours…so in my imagination, Margaret tapped her chin while thinking of the perfect little note to send with my pieces).

It seems from all the different questions I answered that one could get any number of items from the stylists over at Stitch Fix. I chose casual chic, because, really, who am I kidding? I have two kids and I’m a techie for our church’s modern worship services. Jeans, cute shoes (usually some form of TOMS), cute layers for the top, a scarf, cute earrings (I do love earrings) and I am done. No “work” clothes (i.e., pencil skirts, anything that can be described as a blouse) over here.

At long, long last (5 days), my first Stitch Fix arrived. Here it is!

Stitch Fix Package

It didn’t take long for me to tear into. It was like Christmas morning (except that the clothes were my style and size)! Here’s what my present looked like on first open:

Stitch Fix Open BoxStitch Fix Opened

They included some helpful literature for my very non-fashionista mind to put together outfits. Cute cards that I could theoretically pull apart and stick to a cute cork board in my closet…which I don’t have… Maybe I need to get a cute recipe box for my vanity to hold these cards…there’s a thought.

Stitch Fix Notes

Also included in the box was the price list for the items. AND my note from Margaret : )



I pulled out everything and here’s what came in my first Fix:

Stitch Fix Contents

With each fix comes 5 items that are assorted. When I signed up, I opted not to receive jewelry. I have a plenty.My five items were:

1) aqua/white chevron striped maxi skirt

2) white crochet tank

3) gray poplin Tee

4) dark wash skinny jeans

5) blue/white/leather diamond bag

Want to know the absolutely amazing thing?? Everything FIT PERFECTLY! I was so amazed. It takes me forever to find jeans to fit, but this wonderful stylist got it right with the very first pair. Did I mention that I was amazed?

Of the five items, I kept the tee and the jeans. The others I wrapped back in the tissue (don’t know if that was necessary, but I did it to be nice), popped them in the return bag that was already addressed and pre-paid (I hope…because I totally just dropped it at the Post today without checking…guess I’ll find out!) and sent them back.

Returning at the Post

It was really hard not to want to keep everything, but after really considering the prices, I had to be smart about it and remember that there’s new stuff next month.

The crochet top was too sheer for my liking, though it was really cute and comfortable. The maxi skirt was cute, too, but too trendy for me to spend that amount of money on. I’d rather spend less on trendy items that I’ll maybe only wear this season. The bag was GORGEOUS and big! Like, dance bag big. It looked amazing with the outfit that I kept (the jeans and tee), but again, very trendy and I may not carry it past this season. So, I went online, sent a quick review over to Margaret, my stylist whose going to take my notes to heart next month when putting my Fix together, and payed for the two items I kept.

I have a tendency to wear the same pieces over and over and over and over again. Stitch Fix is going to help me out by not letting me become that crazy lady who never left her high school decade and only wears the pieces that are comfortable (thankfully, I do not continue to dress the same as I did in high school, so, plus for me there).

The best thing about Stitch Fix was that it was my style, a little bit trendier than what I’d normally purchase for myself, new brands, what I got paired well with things already in my wardrobe and best of all:


Definite time saver. Maybe not a money saver. You should definitely try it.

Also, just because I think you’re awesome and I’m in somewhat of a fashion-y mood tonight, check out these lovelies sent to me from Trina Turk! A friend of mine, Emily, author of the blog LoftissSays, hosted an event for them, so I was privy to a discount and took full advantage. Can’t wait to wear these at Rosemary this summer!

Trina Turk Sandals

Here’s my link to get you over to Stitch Fix so you can have some cool new duds sent to your house, too.

Thanks for checking out my first fix! Keep reading up with the Joneses and come back this weekend for the next Book Anticipation post featuring Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor, coming out next week!


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