Quotes from my Current Read: Etiquette and Espionage

I’m currently enjoying Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger, a fun, steampunk-themed series opener appropriate for girls ages 12+. I find myself highlighting every few pages, so I just had to share some of these side-stitching quotes!

Etiquette and Espionage Cover Art

“They’ll suck my blood and make me wear only the very latest fashions.”

-Sophronia, on learning she may be sent to a finishing school to become a vampire drone

Finishing school! There would be lessons. On how to curtsy. On how to dress. On how to eat with one’s finger in the air. Sophronia shuddered. Perhaps a vampire hive was a better option.”

-Sophronia, on not looking forward to learning how to become a lady

“Lady Linette says style is everything; one’s shoes are as important as ones thoughts, and possibly more powerful in the correct context,”

-Preshea, on why accessories are important

“Preshea can’t wait until she gets to poison her first husband. She’s a great admirer of Mary Blandy’s work.”

-Agatha, explaining why her classmate likes Sister Mattie’s medicinal classes best

“Some of the most disagreeable people I know are the most ladylike.”

-Sophronia, explaining to Dimity why ladylikeness is not always a positive character trait

“Breakfast at noon, morning calls around three, tea at five, supper at eight, entertainment all evening, and bed by one or two.”

-Dimity, explaining “London time” to Sophronia

“I’d love to be a London lady. Do you think my parents would be awfully mad if I married a nice politician and gave up on a life of crime? Then I’d get to throw dinner parties all the time.”

-Dimity, on dreaming of the life her parents would hate

“A lady is never disreputable in public, unless intended for manipulation of sympathies.”

-Prof. Lefoux, on how to act and dress in a crisis

“Practive your eyelash-fluttering, ladies. Six rounds of one hundred each before bed.”

-Lady Linette, issuing homework for her fainting class

“Algebra was far more interesting when it was a matter of proportioning out mutton chops so as to poison only half of one’s dinner guests…”

-Sophronia, on being thankful that her professors apply lessons to real-life situations

“No one said learning etiquette and espionage would be easy, my dear.”

-Lady Linette, in response to Sophronia’s demanding schedule of curtsy and poison lessons

“Now, Preshea…it’s no good choosing your first husband from a school for evil geniuses. Much too difficult to kill.”

-Dimity, warning Preshea to not flirt too much at the social with their brother school

“I assure you, I have been sneaking around with impunity for years.”

-Sophronia, not wanting to be underutilized in an operation

I can’t wait to finish! If you’d love to read up with the Joneses, pick up your hardcover copy of Etiquette and Espionage at your local bookstore (check out The Bookshelf if you’re around Tville) or download it for Kindle by visiting The Jones’ Amazon Book Shop.

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